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Clubhouse and Golf Course Dress Code

  • The dress code of the clubhouse, except for the Main Dining Room, is golf attire. Men are required to wear a collared shirt (polo shirts are acceptable). The wearing of headgear (hats and visors) in the clubhouse is not acceptable at any time.
  • Bathing attire, tee shirts, gym shorts, cargo shorts or cargo pants, sweat pants, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, cutoffs, short shorts, tennis outfits and dress of this type are inappropriate. Neat jeans are permissible in the grill room and bar area after 5pm.
  • All members, spouses, children, and guests are required to adhere to the Club’s dress code. This dress code is mandatory while on the property including the practice facilities. Members or guests whose attire does not comply with club policy will be asked to change their attire to comply with club policy before playing. If you are in doubt concerning proper attire, please call the Golf Shop in advance.
  • Men and Boys: Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks or shorts Bermuda length are considered proper attire. Shirts must be tucked inside pants. Caps and Visors are to be worn with bill facing forward and should always be removed while in the Clubhouse.
  • Women and Girls: Collared shirts with or without sleeves and non-collared shirts with sleeves are considered appropriate attire. Slacks, Capri length pants, golf length shorts and skirts are permitted.
  • Articles of clothing NOT PERMITTED are Cargo pants, Cargo shorts, work jeans, denim clothing, bathing attire, tee shirts, gym shorts, sweat pants, tank tops, tube and halter tops, mesh shirts, cut-offs, and all dress of this type are considered inappropriate.
  • Only golf shoes with non-penetrating spikes are permitted.

Main Dining Room Dress Code

  • Jackets are optional for men on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year, unless designated as a formal event when jackets would be required. Dress pants or Khaki pants with a collared shirt, (golf shirt or dress shirt) are considered appropriate attire for gentlemen. Slacks and blouses, dresses and skirts are considered appropriate attire for ladies. Jeans are not permitted in the Dining Room unless specifically permitted for an event. Children 12 years and older will adhere to the dress code for ladies and gentlemen, younger children are encouraged to do so.

Club Rules

  • Smoking or vaporizers are not permitted in the Club House.
  • Members, spouses and guests are permitted to send and receive e-mails and text messages using electronic devices in all areas of the club, with the exception of the Main Dining Room. However, all devices must be maintained on "Silent Mode". Talking on cell phones is permissible with the utmost discretion and courtesy to other members or guests in the vicinity.

Golf Etiquette and Safety

  • Slow play shows lack of consideration for the players in your group and, more important, for the players behind you. Golf is made much more enjoyable if all players adhere to the following points in the conduct of play.
  • Minimize the time spent looking for balls by watching the flight of balls hit by everyone in your group. If a ball appears to be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional ball before leaving the tee.
  • The maximum pace of play for a foursome for 18 holes is four hours and ten minutes
  • Signal the players behind you to play through if it becomes apparent that a ball will not easily be found and you are holding up play.
  • If your ball is some distance from the golf cart and the exact club selection is in doubt, take several clubs with you when you leave the cart to walk to the ball.
  • When play reaches the area of the green, park the golf cart(s) behind the green or adjacent to the next tee, on a cart path where available. Walk briskly off the rear or side of the green after putting out. Mark you score cards after your group is off the green.
  • Once a score of double par has been posted, pick up and move on to the next hole.
  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • If your ball appears headed for a player or group of players, immediately shout “fore” in a loud clear voice.
  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

Golf Carts

  • No more than two people are to be in a cart at one time.
  • No more than 2 bags are to be carried on one golf cart.
  • Members and their guests must observe all cart directional signs and use cart paths and designated golf cart parking areas where provided.
  • Good judgment, reasonable care, and observation of club rules are expected of any member or guest when operating a golf cart. Damaged golf carts will be repaired at the responsible member’s expense. Each member or guest who rents a golf cart agrees to indemnify and hold Indian Hills Country Club harmless of and free from any and all damages, judgment, court costs, attorney’s fees or other expenses incidental to and incurred by Indian Hills Country Club which may arise from misuse of a golf cart by such member or guest.
  • Members and their Guests must keep golf carts at least 10 yards away from greens tees or traps. They should keep a reasonable distance away from soft or wet areas and they must respect directional signs.

Care for the Course

  • Before leaving a sand trap, a golfer should carefully rake and smooth over all holes and footprints made by him.
  • From tee to green, a player should ensure that any turf cut or divot created by him is replaced at once and pressed down, and that any damage to the putting green made by a ball is carefully repaired.
  • Golf bags should never be brought onto a green. The flagstick should be carefully handled to ensure that no damage is done to the hole or the putting green. Don’t dent the green with the flagstick or by leaning on your putter.
  • In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course by taking divots. This is particularly true on the tees and near the greens.
  • Only putters are to be used on the practice putting green. A separate practice green adjacent the driving range is available for chipping and sand trap practice.
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